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What is

Eat Right, Happy Life?

Eat Right, Happy Life PLLC is here to provide professional, local nutrition and wellness help to anyone who needs it. I provide more than you'll ever get through a self-help book, program, diet or gimmicky weight loss shop. 
My mission is to help clients set SMART goals, educate them on nutritious eating, teach them needed skills by building permanent habits, and guide them toward success in achieving their health goals to help ensure happy lives.
My vision is a community of citizens who listen to and are content with their bodies, are knowledgeable about nutrition, feel at ease with food selection and shopping, and enjoy spending time fellowshipping with one another over a good meal.
My nutrition philosophy is key to how I go about counseling and educating clients. Life is all about moderation, from work to food to fun. Food is one of the keys to true health, with the others being love and good relationships, enjoyment of life, movement, and healthy habits. There aren't bad foods. Diets should include a wide variety of foods and a rainbow of color. People deserve better than having to count every calorie or say no to bacon.

And Amanda?

I grew up in Louisiana but couldn't ignore the charm of Alabama, where I moved to attend college at the University of South Alabama. I commissioned and served in the U.S. Air Force for several years before becoming a Reservist, returning to Alabama and settling in Auburn in 2013. I got my nutrition degree from Auburn University in 2016 and completed my dietetic internship at Piedmont Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. I received my masters degree in nutrition and human performance from Logan University in 2022.

I always stay positive and never give up, despite life's setbacks. I have four teenagers who keep me busy for most of my days. I enjoy running and backpacking with my dog Fletcher, biking, cooking, reading, traveling, and of course spending time with friends and family. I believe in the Oxford comma and sometimes still put two spaces behind a period. I like to watch HGTV and create all sorts of extra house projects for my husband. 

If you'd like to look up my national registration and state license info, please click below. Each will take you to the search page where you can type in my name to find me.

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